Chap Stick™

2 Apr

I happen to be quite fond of using lip balms before bed on a regular basis. I also find myself using them throughout the days when I am sick or just sinusy. I’m not sure why, but when I breathe out of my mouth all day due to a stuffy nose, I just don’t feel “pretty” wearing lipstick. I have tried many different lip balms but always come back to my comfort zone which is good ole’ fashioned Cherry Chapstick™. Nothing works better. I am always suckered into trying new lip balms based on exciting marketing, but in the end, none come close to my Cherry Chapstick™. I tried switching over to the Burts Bees™ mostly because of the fun flavors but I just don’t feel it lasts as long or ‘does the trick.’

That being said, I was excited this weekend while at my local grocery store to discover a new (to me) and exciting Chap Stick™ option. It’s a ‘Moisterizing’ version and the flavor is Green Apple. I know, my life must be so exciting that I am blogging about Green Apple Moisturizing Chap Stick™. Well, let me just tell you, IT’S THAT GOOD! If you are feeling a bit dry, give this a whirl. You won’t be disappointed.

~Chica Pants


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