The Wiggles (DVDs)

10 May

God help me.  I am so incredibly exhausted of watching The Wiggles on DVD that I could cry.  That being said, my 3 year old son thinks they are the absolute best.  (Once again…Lord Help Me!!)  Yes, I realize there are worse things out there.  But, my sanity is a bit tried at this point.

I do have to admit, I get a kick out of watching my son sing and dance along with all The Wiggles songs.  Hot Poppin’ Popcorn, Big Red Car, and Crocodile Wiggles are his 3 favorites at present.  I love to see my son strap on his plastic guitar and play along with all the songs.  He takes the choreography quite seriously.  But after about 5-10 back-to-back airings of The Wiggles in one day, (to be repeated every day,) it’s a bit much.

On a positive note, when my son demands me to stand up and dance along with classics such as ‘Wake Up Jeff’ or ‘Dance For The Queen of the Roses’ with Dorothy the Dinosaur, or the antics of Captain Feather-Sword, at least I can consider it some good cardio, right?  (Ever get ‘Rolling Down The Sandhill’ stuck in your head?  It isn’t a pretty sight!)

Anyone else been through this type of Wiggles obsession?  Any good advice for this Wiggled-out mom?

One trick I’ve been able to utilize is convincing my little wiggler to let me play the dvds on a portable dvd player on the end table instead of on the big tv in the living room.  Thumbs up for this idea!

All in a day’s work I suppose for a toddler mom.

~Chica Pants


One Response to “The Wiggles (DVDs)”

  1. sassycas May 15, 2012 at 7:59 pm #

    As auntie to said toddler, I have been subjected to only one evening of The Wiggles (so far). I’m not a big fan of the DVD with the Crocodile Hunter (although I do like the Crocodile Hunter). The songs are too slow. “Hot Poppin’ Popcorn” is a pretty catchy tune as is “The Wiggly Circus.” I even got pretty good at some of the choreography.

    The most amusing part was watching my nephew juggle cat toys during the juggling song and use feather on sticks as “ribbons” during Dorothy’s dance.

    (Don’t tell, but I also let him bounce on the couch during the somersault song.)

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