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Big Bang!

29 Jun

For those of you who haven’t watched, The Big Bang Theory is a sitcom about three lovable nerds and one kinda lovable nerd who work together at a university. Two of them are roommates and live across the hall from the totally not nerdy Penny.

BBT cracks me up because I am, albeit to a much lesser extreme, Sheldon Cooper.

I’m a bit of a nerd (he’s full on).

I’m particular about certain things and sometimes have weird reasons for them. (See Sheldon’s explanation about where he sits)

I’ve been told that people enjoy how I react to gifts. (See Sheldon’s reaction to Penny’s Christmas gift)

Like Sheldon, I sometimes don’t get come-ons from the opposite sex.

I hold grudges against celebrities (Brad Pitt, Tom Cruise, etc.) Sheldon’s grudge is against Wil Wheaton.

Beyond my similarities to Sheldon, the show is wittily written and all of the characters make me laugh. And the “Soft Kitty” song is just the best.



Every Day of My Life

27 Jun


I’ll have a mango gelati please

26 Jun

Rita’s Italian Ice is delicious!  When I lived near Philadelphia, PA my friends (lovingly referred to as *my Philly girls*) turned me on to a tasty little treat known as ‘water ice’ in Philly and becoming more popular to us mid-westerners known as ‘Italian Ice.’  When I discovered that a Rita’s (the biggest/best known chain of water ice) opened in my current metro area I was ecstatic!

My favorite is the gelati as it combines the flavored water ice and custard.  Mango with vanilla is my staple.  But, I do love to’ half’ the ice and do mango and swedish fish.  So refreshing.

While I was preggo I was even able to enjoy Rita’s even though I had gestational diabetes.  Rita’s also offers at least 1 sugar-free ice option daily and has a fat-free custard option.  I haven’t gotten my Rita’s fix yet this summer but trust me, I will!  (And Soon!)

The only thing missing at my local Rita’s establishment is the sale of true Philly soft pretzels.  Those always cut the richness nicely with a Rita’s treat.  Alas, I need to visit my Philly girls again soon so I can enjoy a pretzel again with my gelati.

To learn more, check out:  Visit one near you, or better yet, open your own franchise.

~Chica Pants

Ice Cream Cake

25 Jun

My birthday was earlier this month, and aside from all the other fun things that come with it, one of the things at the top of my list is ice cream cake from Dairy Queen.

(An aside: I don’t believe in grouching about how I’m getting older or pretending that I don’t have a birthday. I want some presents, I want some ice cream cake and I want to have some fun!)

My dear friends and family know how much I adore ice cream cake, so I got to enjoy not one, not two, but THREE ice cream cakes this year! (Amazingly, my pants still fit.) I’m lucky enough to share my birthday time with two of my awesome nephews, so we frequently have joint celebrations – good by me, that means more ice cream cake!

Personally, I enjoy the standard vanilla on top, chocolate on the bottom, crunchy fudgy goodness in the middle version. We had a Reese’s Cup ice cream cake from Dairy Queen for one of my nephew’s parties and it was good, but I’d still pick the regular version.

I’ve also heard that the Cold Stone Creamery ice cream cakes are good, but I was nervous to ask for one of those. What if I don’t like it as much and I miss out on the yumminess of the regular one?

This is a serious dilemma. You don’t mess with ice cream cake around me. Just ask the nephew who tried to eat the last piece one year.



22 Jun

Who else is obsessed with Pinterest? Pinterest Logo

For those not familiar, here’s how they describe it:

“Pinterest is a virtual pinboard. Pinterest lets you organize and share all the beautiful things you find on the web. People use pinboards to plan their weddings, decorate their homes, and organize their favorite recipes. Best of all, you can browse pinboards created by other people. Browsing pinboards is a fun way to discover new things and get inspiration from people who share your interests.”

I have pinboards for craft ideas, my dream home, cute animals, and more. I love having one easy place to store those ideas. It’s super-fast to set up your Pinterest page and even faster to start pinning.

I like Pinterest because I feel that of all the social sharing sites, this one lets people see the me that I am and the me that I aspire to be. In a quick glance, you can see that animals and books are two of my main interests. You can get a sense of my personal style. Because I’m just pinning photos, I don’t feel the need to stop and think, “will it upset someone if I say it like this?” Or, “could this in any way reflect negatively on my employer?”

Ideas for Using Pinterest:
– Gift ideas – check out what your friends are pinning (ahem, friends, get pinning!)
– Wedding and party planning
– Home decorating ideas
– Travel planning
– “To read” and “To watch” lists (pin book covers and movie posters)
– Make a cookbook by pinning recipes
– Halloween costume ideas
– Holiday ideas – recipes, decorating, gift wrap
– Cake and cupcake decorating ideas
– Build your dream wardrobe
– Start a virtual collection of work by your favorite artist (or of shells, dolls, shoes, stamps, whatever!)
– Create pinboards for your favorite teams, shows, actors, movies, etc.
– Collect your favorite quotes
– For your kids – snacks, costumes, crafts, room décor and organization, gift ideas, etc.
– Create color palettes
– Tattoo designs
– Flower arrangements

It’s easy to get sucked into Pinterest and before you know it, hours have gone by!


Pilot G-2

18 Jun

In this day and age I know most people type versus write, but I still find myself writing “old school” often.  I still hand write my little notes at work, keep a checkbook log, my grocery shopping list, etc.  Nothing is more frustrating than to try to write something and have the pen not work, the ink go in and out, spotches of ink oozing onto one’s hands, or having to hold the pen only at certain angles to get a quality line.  This may seem trivial, but I try to eliminate as many of these little frustrations in my life to make room for the really big frustrations.  So, if you want a nice pen, which by the way also offers really fun colors besides the standard black…blue…red, then by all means give the Pilot G-2s a whirl.

~Chica Pants

Rock On!

14 Jun

I ‘came of age’ during a time that was sooooo fun! Really since I hit junior high school my life became engulfed with the music I listen to. It became more than just a hobby, but rather an obsession. As a matter of fact, music blessed me with my most dear friends. After all, one didn’t hang out with people who didn’t like one’s music. For me, it was all about the rock n’ roll baby! I love classic rock, big-hair rock/metal, heavy metal, power metal, Goth rock, Industrial…you name it, and it’s affected my life. Metal heads are very misunderstood. Sassycas and I are proud metal heads and we were also honor students who went on to get college degrees and hold respectable full-time jobs. But, our musical tastes have stayed the same. We catch the occasional concert still but not as many as once upon a time. From the age of 15 when I saw my first concert and throughout my 20’s I spent countless hours at concert venues, bars, clubs, etc. I’ve seen some amazing shows, met some cool musicians, and had a blast in general. Heck, it was my love for Iced Earth that crossed my & my husbands’ paths. Music really has shaped my life and I wouldn’t have it any other way. Now don’t get me wrong, if you listen to country, rap, easy listening…I’ll still be your friend…but I sure won’t want to ride in your car as often… (My car…my stereo…) 😛

(And for the record, my friends and I hung out watching all the local bands nearly every day of the week for years, but we were NOT the type of groupies who tried to hook up with the guys…we truly were there for the music!)

\m/ – ^ – \m/

~ Chica Pants