I’ll have a mango gelati please

26 Jun

Rita’s Italian Ice is delicious!  When I lived near Philadelphia, PA my friends (lovingly referred to as *my Philly girls*) turned me on to a tasty little treat known as ‘water ice’ in Philly and becoming more popular to us mid-westerners known as ‘Italian Ice.’  When I discovered that a Rita’s (the biggest/best known chain of water ice) opened in my current metro area I was ecstatic!

My favorite is the gelati as it combines the flavored water ice and custard.  Mango with vanilla is my staple.  But, I do love to’ half’ the ice and do mango and swedish fish.  So refreshing.

While I was preggo I was even able to enjoy Rita’s even though I had gestational diabetes.  Rita’s also offers at least 1 sugar-free ice option daily and has a fat-free custard option.  I haven’t gotten my Rita’s fix yet this summer but trust me, I will!  (And Soon!)

The only thing missing at my local Rita’s establishment is the sale of true Philly soft pretzels.  Those always cut the richness nicely with a Rita’s treat.  Alas, I need to visit my Philly girls again soon so I can enjoy a pretzel again with my gelati.

To learn more, check out: www.ritasice.com.  Visit one near you, or better yet, open your own franchise.

~Chica Pants


One Response to “I’ll have a mango gelati please”

  1. chicapants July 18, 2012 at 10:17 am #

    Just for the record, I did finally get my first Rita’s of 2012 over the July 4th holiday weekend. And I must say, it was quite refreshing. I chose a sugar-free pineapple ice gelati with fat-free vanilla custard. *Big Yum*

    ~ Chica Pants

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