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The Columbus Zoo and Aquarium

11 Jun

I love the zoo!  Recently I had the wonderful experience of sharing one of my favorite places to visit with my 3 year-old son.  I do believe I have created another zoo enthusiast.  My husband, Sassycas, and I took my son to the Columbus Zoo and Aquarium for his first-ever zoo visit to celebrate his 3rd birthday.  It couldn’t have been a better day.  Sunny, highs in the low 80s.  Perfect!

The Columbus Zoo and Aquarium gets better each time I visit.  Jack Hanna’s love of the animals shines through in the wonderful exhibits and generally enjoyable atmosphere throughout the park.  There are plenty of opportunities to interact with the animals and zoo staff and volunteers.  One of the highlights for my son was at the fox exhibit.  Even though the cute little white fox (near the bear habitats) slept in the corner of his cage the entire time we watched, a zoo staff lady came to talk to us and tell us all about the little fox.  She even had some fox fur pelt that my son got to pet.  (He thought that was awesome!)  She also let him touch bear claws from a black bear, a grizzly bear, and a polar bear.  (Again, he thought that was great!)

Another highlight for my son was the children’s area/petting zoo.  He got to actually use a large comb and groom the sheep.  My son thought that was ‘The Cat’s Meow.’   And yet another highlight… he rode his first carousel.  The Columbus Zoo has an early 20th century refurbished carousel and it is beautiful.  7 hours at the zoo just was not enough.  We had to skip about 1/3 of the exhibits just to get through.  We did not visit the touch pools on this visit.  (We had done a similar activity for my little guy’s 2nd birthday at the Newport Aquarium in Northern Kentucky.)  We did not get to see the elephants either this trip.  My son also LOVED the train ride.  It was only 5-10 minutes long, but for the low-cost of $1 per rider, you can’t go wrong.  The carousel also only cost an additional $1.   And, I believe if you are a zoo member, those attractions may be included in the annual fee.

I also learned a few things during my visit.  For one, I did not realize that the manatee exhibit was all for rehabilitation purposes.  The manatees on hand change as they are brought back to health and placed back in Florida to be returned to the wild.

There was one major disappointment this visit.  The otter exhibit was empty!!  This was a huge disappointment to both Sassycas and me, but I suppose this just gives us another excuse to visit again soon.

Next year, we are planning to purchase a season pass for our family.  Such a great way to get some fresh air, visit the animals, and enjoy some quality family time.

~Chica Pants


K9 Immunity

1 Jun

I am a proud Dog Mom.  We have an English Springer Spaniel and a Basset Hound.  They are both 7 years-old.  One year ago, May 5, 2011, our basset hound (her name is Leia or we lovingly call her Mimi) was diagnosed with Lymphatic cancer.  Ironically enough, my father lost his life to Non-Hodgkings Lymphoma in 2002.  In any case, I am unfortunately very familiar with the disease and am all too aware of the grim outlook.  Seeing as Mimi was only 6 years old when she was diagnosed and the doctors only gave her about 7-10 days to live, we had some quick decisions to make.  We love our 4-legged children as much as our 2-legged child and we knew we had to help Mimi fight the cancer.  The lymph nodes in her neck were swollen to the size of ping-pong balls and had almost cut off her airway.  We took her to a doggie oncologist an hour away since we heard that she was the best we could find.  They recommended aggressive chemotherapy immediately.  We began to treat right then and there.  One year later and over $15,000 in additional credit card debt, I am happy to tell you that Mimi is still fighting and is doing really well all things considered.  I realize that the continual chemo over the last year is a huge part of why Leia is still with us today and doing fairly well.  However, I truly believe we’d have lost her many months ago without the help of Aloha Medicine’s K9 Immunity daily supplements.  It is an immunity building supplement.  As you may know, chemo kills all cells – good and bad.  The K9 Immunity treatments claim to help rebuild the good cells that are lost during aggressive chemo treatments.  I AM A BELIEVER.  Even with chemo, Leia was only give 6-9 months to live.  12 months later, my sweet little basset hound is still fighting.

We started researching natural supplements and other options that could help in any way from the get go.  We found out about K9 Immunity on many internet sites and forums and we were astounded by the claims and success stories, including on  The K9 Immunity immuno-modulating supplements are all natural, made of primarily mushrooms from what I can understand.  I started by giving Leia the pill form which entailed 6 of the K9 Immunity pills, 2 fish oil pills, and 1 transfer factor pill every day.  We did that for a good 9 months.  It was a bit cumbersome and cost approximately $150 per month.  Then a few months ago I switched over to the K9 Immunity Plus which are basically little chewy treats with all 3 of the above mentioned pills built right in.  She only takes 3 of the chewy treats per day.  It’s less cumbersome and a bit cheaper this way.

If any of you have dogs that are unfortunate enough to have cancer, especially lymphatic or bone, I highly recommend you consider K9 Immunity be added to their daily diet.  As I said, I AM A BELIEVER!  Thank you K9 Immunity.  Leia thanks you.  Darth (the Springer) thanks you.  My husband and I thank you.  And, my 3 year-old who LOVES his Mimi thanks you.

~Chica Pants