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Good Riddance 2012!

27 Dec


It’s been quite a challenging year for so many.  Here’s to hoping and praying that 2013 will bring much joy, happiness, and peace.


~ Chica Pants


‘Tis the season

11 Dec

Christmas3Wishing everyone a Merry Christmas…Happy Holidays…A Joyous Season  No matter what you believe, be merry, enjoy time with family and friends, Ho Ho Ho!

Black Friday

1 Nov

Get ready to get your SHOP on! 

Good customer service. FINALLY!!

11 Oct

With so many woes resulting from poor customer service in general from all areas of life, I am pleased to announce a positive experience today with a company called Cafe Press:  (I especially have THE WORST fast food luck in the entire world.  Sassycas can attest.)

Let me start by saying that I have ordered products from Cafe Press on a number of occasions and have historically been pleased with my purchases.  Today I received an order and there were some issues with the 2 t-shirts received.  I called and spoke with two different customer service reps and both were polite, kind, and helpful.  (Nowadays, that’s nearly extinct.)  After running a wash trial to see if it corrected the problem, alas, it did not.  Instead of making this an unpleasant experience, both ladies went out of their way to be helpful and apologetic.  Greatly appreciated!  I never had to get upset, or argue my case.  I simply explained exactly what I observed and they offered to replace the sub-par quality printing I received and replace both shirts with which I am unsatisfied.  Again, greatly appreciated.  Kudos to Cafe Press as well as to Crystal and Wanda.  I will definitely continue to shop with this company and will gladly recommend to others.

~ Chica Pants

Graco Turbo High-back Booster

5 Oct

I am more educated on the subject of children’s car seats than your average consumer.  (I was even a NHTSA/AAA certified child restraint/car seat installation technician.)  I worked for more than a decade for 2 of the largest children’s furnishing companies in the USA.  So, when I recently realized my 3-year old had outgrown (by weight) his convertible car seat in my husband’s vehicle, (not an all-in-one, strictly a convertible) it was time for a quick run to Target.  I wanted to get a basic high-back belt positioning booster seat.  Graco is such a dependable brand and I felt safe choosing another Graco to keep my son safe in the event of a crash.  I purchased a lower price point seat, at Target, and am very happy with my purchase.  For $49 I purchased this Graco Turbo High-back Booster (fashion option = Keller.)  My little guy has been so cute since I installed his new seat.  He is so proud to be sitting in a “big boy seat” and keeps saying “Thank you Mommy for my new car seat.  I love it.” …just melts my heart.  And knowing he is safe and comfortable is beyond fabulous.  GRACO, way to keep batting them out of the park!  And thank you for keeping our Cherished Cargo #1 first and foremost.

~Chica Pants

*BE* the difference the world needs.

19 Sep

Ohio Renaissance Festival

17 Sep


I love the Ohio Renaissance Festival.  There are so many reasons why I look forward to visiting every year.  This is indeed an annual tradition I plan to keep for years to come.  (I attended my first Ren Fest in 1998.)  When my husband and I were planning our nuptials, we purchased his entire outfit from the Ren Fest…from the clothing to his custom fitted hand-made leather boots.  (I made my own wedding dress but did so in Renaissance style.)

Opening weekend is always a chance for my bff (Sassycas) and I to have a day to be silly, shop, enjoy some scrumptious Woodchuck hard cider on tap, and relax in fantasy-land…Medieval Style Baby.  And speaking of shopping, I have found some of the most unique and beautiful hand-crafted jewelry there over the years.  My favorite shop as of late is “Knotty Jewels.”  The gentleman who creates these pieces is an absolute genious.

I enjoy Ren Fests in general but Ohio’s is by far my favorite thus far.  I went to the fest in York PA and it was ok, but I really like the old english town set-up best at the Harveysburg, Ohio festival.  I also attended the fest in Maryland, which was fun, but again, just didn’t have the same vibe.

It’s nothing to see lots of men in kilts, people in horns (Sassycas and I included), fairy tales, wings, full armour, swords, gorgeous period gowns, huge vikings (yes, that’s right…authentic looking larger than life vikings!) and so much more.

The food is also great at the fest.  There are lots of choices which expand every year.  But, you can’t go wrong with a big, juicy turkey leg. *Yum*

Don’t hesitate to take part in this fabulous day of festivities.  It runs during the early fall, every weekend, rain or shine, through latter October.  We typically make 2 trips to the fest each season.  I am really excited to be taking my 3 year-old son for his first visit in just a few weeks.  There are rides for kids (hand-operated of course) and camel rides, jousts, and so much more.

Fare thee well!

~Lady Chica Pants