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Ohio Renaissance Festival

17 Sep


I love the Ohio Renaissance Festival.  There are so many reasons why I look forward to visiting every year.  This is indeed an annual tradition I plan to keep for years to come.  (I attended my first Ren Fest in 1998.)  When my husband and I were planning our nuptials, we purchased his entire outfit from the Ren Fest…from the clothing to his custom fitted hand-made leather boots.  (I made my own wedding dress but did so in Renaissance style.)

Opening weekend is always a chance for my bff (Sassycas) and I to have a day to be silly, shop, enjoy some scrumptious Woodchuck hard cider on tap, and relax in fantasy-land…Medieval Style Baby.  And speaking of shopping, I have found some of the most unique and beautiful hand-crafted jewelry there over the years.  My favorite shop as of late is “Knotty Jewels.”  The gentleman who creates these pieces is an absolute genious.

I enjoy Ren Fests in general but Ohio’s is by far my favorite thus far.  I went to the fest in York PA and it was ok, but I really like the old english town set-up best at the Harveysburg, Ohio festival.  I also attended the fest in Maryland, which was fun, but again, just didn’t have the same vibe.

It’s nothing to see lots of men in kilts, people in horns (Sassycas and I included), fairy tales, wings, full armour, swords, gorgeous period gowns, huge vikings (yes, that’s right…authentic looking larger than life vikings!) and so much more.

The food is also great at the fest.  There are lots of choices which expand every year.  But, you can’t go wrong with a big, juicy turkey leg. *Yum*

Don’t hesitate to take part in this fabulous day of festivities.  It runs during the early fall, every weekend, rain or shine, through latter October.  We typically make 2 trips to the fest each season.  I am really excited to be taking my 3 year-old son for his first visit in just a few weeks.  There are rides for kids (hand-operated of course) and camel rides, jousts, and so much more.

Fare thee well!

~Lady Chica Pants


Myles Pizza Pub in Bowling Green, Ohio

17 Aug

One of my nephews just started at BGSU. I, of course, told him about Myles Pizza Pub and he ordered his first of what I am sure will be many Myles pizzas last night. I am so jealous!  I have not had a Myles Pizza since 1995! Last night, Steven sent me this photo and it looks as amazing as I remember. I am fairly certain that my old college roomie and I personally are responsible for keeping Myles Pizza Pub in Bowling Green, Ohio in business from 1991-1995. We ordered from them at least 2ce a week.  My favorite was just a pepperoni/double cheese pizza.  That’s what it looks like in the picture if my memory serves correct.  But they also had a “breakfast pizza” that actually had scrambled eggs, ham, bacon, etc.  Sounds odd but trust me…A..M..A..Z..I..N..G..

What’s that I sense?  Is there a road trip on the horizon??  Mmmmm…Myles pizza (said in the voice of Homer Simpson of course.)

~Chica Pants

Shop Target…unless you want sugar-free.

26 Jul


Target, I have always loved to shop your stores and I am typically very pleased with the selections provided. My extremely discouraging trip last night made me rethink my Target relationship altogether.

As someone who recently was diagnosed with Type-II Diabetes, I now have to shop much more carefully.  My local Target recently remodeled and added a grocery section.  I was psyched at the notion of being able to enjoy some Target shopping coupled with grabbing the handful of grocery items I normally would have stopped to purchase at Kroger, the local grocery chain.  Last night, I went down the candy and gum aisle.  I like to keep sugar-free hard candies on hand to cure an unexpected sweet tooth.  (I especially love the Life Saver brand sugar-free options.)

Target did not offer a single sugar-free candy option.  Other than the mints by the front check-out, Target had no other sugar-free options.  Not even sugar-free chocolates…nothing.  Target has a pharmacy and has diabetic supplies.  Why would they not have other sugar-free options?  Even smaller pharmacy/drug stores like Walgreens or CVS carry sugar-free candies.

Next, last night at Target, I decided to look for a box of sugar-free popsicles or another sugar-free sweet treat.  To my dismay, Target also offered ZERO options for sugar-free frozen items.  Not even plain popsicles.

Utter disappointment!

~Chica Pants

Avo-Cobb-O Salad @ Red Robin

2 Jul

Avo-Cobb-O Salad

Crisp mixed greens with tender grilled chicken breast, hardwood-smoked bacon, hard-boiled egg, avocado, black olives, ripe tomatoes and crumbled Bleu cheese. Served with warm garlic focaccia bread & your choice of dressing.

I enjoyed this salad yesterday for the first time when my husband, son, and I decided to grab an early dinner at our local Red Robin restaurant.  Oh my goodness… DELICIOUS!! Highly recommended.

I skipped the bread though to cut back on the carbs.  I enjoyed mine with ranch dressing.

~Chica Pants

I’ll have a mango gelati please

26 Jun

Rita’s Italian Ice is delicious!  When I lived near Philadelphia, PA my friends (lovingly referred to as *my Philly girls*) turned me on to a tasty little treat known as ‘water ice’ in Philly and becoming more popular to us mid-westerners known as ‘Italian Ice.’  When I discovered that a Rita’s (the biggest/best known chain of water ice) opened in my current metro area I was ecstatic!

My favorite is the gelati as it combines the flavored water ice and custard.  Mango with vanilla is my staple.  But, I do love to’ half’ the ice and do mango and swedish fish.  So refreshing.

While I was preggo I was even able to enjoy Rita’s even though I had gestational diabetes.  Rita’s also offers at least 1 sugar-free ice option daily and has a fat-free custard option.  I haven’t gotten my Rita’s fix yet this summer but trust me, I will!  (And Soon!)

The only thing missing at my local Rita’s establishment is the sale of true Philly soft pretzels.  Those always cut the richness nicely with a Rita’s treat.  Alas, I need to visit my Philly girls again soon so I can enjoy a pretzel again with my gelati.

To learn more, check out:  Visit one near you, or better yet, open your own franchise.

~Chica Pants

The Columbus Zoo and Aquarium

11 Jun

I love the zoo!  Recently I had the wonderful experience of sharing one of my favorite places to visit with my 3 year-old son.  I do believe I have created another zoo enthusiast.  My husband, Sassycas, and I took my son to the Columbus Zoo and Aquarium for his first-ever zoo visit to celebrate his 3rd birthday.  It couldn’t have been a better day.  Sunny, highs in the low 80s.  Perfect!

The Columbus Zoo and Aquarium gets better each time I visit.  Jack Hanna’s love of the animals shines through in the wonderful exhibits and generally enjoyable atmosphere throughout the park.  There are plenty of opportunities to interact with the animals and zoo staff and volunteers.  One of the highlights for my son was at the fox exhibit.  Even though the cute little white fox (near the bear habitats) slept in the corner of his cage the entire time we watched, a zoo staff lady came to talk to us and tell us all about the little fox.  She even had some fox fur pelt that my son got to pet.  (He thought that was awesome!)  She also let him touch bear claws from a black bear, a grizzly bear, and a polar bear.  (Again, he thought that was great!)

Another highlight for my son was the children’s area/petting zoo.  He got to actually use a large comb and groom the sheep.  My son thought that was ‘The Cat’s Meow.’   And yet another highlight… he rode his first carousel.  The Columbus Zoo has an early 20th century refurbished carousel and it is beautiful.  7 hours at the zoo just was not enough.  We had to skip about 1/3 of the exhibits just to get through.  We did not visit the touch pools on this visit.  (We had done a similar activity for my little guy’s 2nd birthday at the Newport Aquarium in Northern Kentucky.)  We did not get to see the elephants either this trip.  My son also LOVED the train ride.  It was only 5-10 minutes long, but for the low-cost of $1 per rider, you can’t go wrong.  The carousel also only cost an additional $1.   And, I believe if you are a zoo member, those attractions may be included in the annual fee.

I also learned a few things during my visit.  For one, I did not realize that the manatee exhibit was all for rehabilitation purposes.  The manatees on hand change as they are brought back to health and placed back in Florida to be returned to the wild.

There was one major disappointment this visit.  The otter exhibit was empty!!  This was a huge disappointment to both Sassycas and me, but I suppose this just gives us another excuse to visit again soon.

Next year, we are planning to purchase a season pass for our family.  Such a great way to get some fresh air, visit the animals, and enjoy some quality family time.

~Chica Pants

Deadliest Catch

23 May

If you had told me 10 years ago I’d love a show about crab fishing, I’d have told you that you were off your rocker. But, yes, it is true. I am glued to the tv for every episode of Deadliest Catch. That Bering Sea…just wow.  I got sucked into this reality show a few years ago and have watched faithfully ever since.  Let me start by saying, I used to think it was ridiculous the price per pound restaurants charged for crab.  I remember quite a few visits to Joe’s Crab Shack with Sassycas and we always ordered the King Crab but grumbled about the price anyway.  Never again!  After seeing what these men go through to catch these crab, I will never again complain about the price per pound.  No way.

There have been boats on and off the show over the course of the seasons.  I do miss watching the Cornelia Marie with Capt. Phil Harris (RIP) but the remaining boats keep my watching.  My favorite boat is definitely the Northwestern.  Who doesn’t love Capt. Sig Harris, and Edgar, and Jake, and Nick?  Love those guys!!  And it’s great seeing Jake Harris working hard to fit in.  I really hope the rehab is helping him better himself for his own sake and for his father’s sake.  Second, I love the Time Bandit.  Those Hillstrands just crack me up.  And I love how they have taken Josh Harris under their wings.  Phil is smiling down without question.  Next, it’s a toss-up.  I like the Wizard being on the show just because I don’t know what crazy Keith will do next.  And, I love Freddie!  (You know Freddie, the deck hand from the Cornelia Marie.)  Freddie is awesome.  His energy is contagious.  One of the newer boats on the show is the Seabrook.  I really like that boat and see a lot of potential on the show.  Capt. Scott really meshes well with the other captains.  He reminds me of a young Phil Harris.  The boat I would LOVE to see booted off the show is The Ramblin’ Rose.  I can’t stand Elliot!  He’s young, pompous, arrogant, and disrespectful.  His poor decisions and ‘I already know everything’ attitude is going to get one of his poor deck hands killed.

Discovery channel, you did this one right!  Don’t be foolish, keep the “key” boats on the show, or you will tank.  No more silly arguments with the Time Bandit where the Northwestern has to threaten to pull off this show if things aren’t resolved. 

I have tried watching some of the other “similar” reality shows like the one about lobster fishing, etc.  They just don’t do it for me.  Something about the chemistry on Deadliest Catch is just, well, right. 

~Chica Pants