Under Armour Vacuum Bottle

28 Aug

* Under Armour Stainless Steel 24 oz Vacuum Bottle *

Ok, I am impressed.  My husband just began working for Under Armour.  He is really excited about this brand.  I am excited for him.  And now I am excited for me too.  He surprised me with this new ‘water bottle’ last night after his first day on the job.  He was bragging about how all the employees swear by it; and that the one girl said she had filled her bottle with ice and a drink in the morning and MANY hours later the ice was still in the drink.  It had not melted…practically at all.  He told me he got me the last one they had in the store and that he’d give it to me and wait to get himself one when more stock arrived.  (How sweet)  🙂

So, this morning at 7am I filled my new thermos with ice and a drink and headed out to work.  Now, more than 7 hours later, though my drink was 2/3 gone, my ice is still about 75% in tact.  Unreal!  It is nice to have a truly *cold* beverage for hours.  Great engineering Under Armour!  Bravo!  I can’t wait to try more of your products.

~Chica Pants


Wag.com – I Gave it a Whirl

27 Aug

Some days, I feel as though all I do is buy cat food. I feed my two finicky felines the canned Natural Balance duck and green pea formula, which I normally buy at Petco. Petco’s prices on litter, treats and toys are higher than both Petsmart and my grocery store, so the only thing I buy at Petco is the food.

The idea of having cat food delivered to my door sent me right to my computer when I received a Wag.com coupon in the mail.

The site had the right food available, and it was delivered in good condition a day earlier than promised. Thumbs up for that.

Thumbs down on price. The price is equal to what I pay at Petco. Add shipping on top of that and it’s no bargain. (Free shipping is available on orders greater than $49.)

Thumbs down on convenience. I had to sign for my delivery. With my work schedule, that is more inconvenient than going to the store. If the price was right, I could have the package delivered to work, but it would have to be a lot cheaper for it to be worth lugging the package out to my car. (It’s a long-ish walk from my office to the parking garage.)

For me, Wag.com just doesn’t make sense, but if it works out for you, let us know in the comments!


Myles Pizza Pub in Bowling Green, Ohio

17 Aug

One of my nephews just started at BGSU. I, of course, told him about Myles Pizza Pub and he ordered his first of what I am sure will be many Myles pizzas last night. I am so jealous!  I have not had a Myles Pizza since 1995! Last night, Steven sent me this photo and it looks as amazing as I remember. I am fairly certain that my old college roomie and I personally are responsible for keeping Myles Pizza Pub in Bowling Green, Ohio in business from 1991-1995. We ordered from them at least 2ce a week.  My favorite was just a pepperoni/double cheese pizza.  That’s what it looks like in the picture if my memory serves correct.  But they also had a “breakfast pizza” that actually had scrambled eggs, ham, bacon, etc.  Sounds odd but trust me…A..M..A..Z..I..N..G..

What’s that I sense?  Is there a road trip on the horizon??  Mmmmm…Myles pizza (said in the voice of Homer Simpson of course.)

~Chica Pants

RIP Leia “Mimi-Girl” 1/14/05-8/6/12

7 Aug

In the words of the late, great, Coco Chanel

1 Aug


Dare to be different!

~Chica Pants

Shop Target…unless you want sugar-free.

26 Jul


Target, I have always loved to shop your stores and I am typically very pleased with the selections provided. My extremely discouraging trip last night made me rethink my Target relationship altogether.

As someone who recently was diagnosed with Type-II Diabetes, I now have to shop much more carefully.  My local Target recently remodeled and added a grocery section.  I was psyched at the notion of being able to enjoy some Target shopping coupled with grabbing the handful of grocery items I normally would have stopped to purchase at Kroger, the local grocery chain.  Last night, I went down the candy and gum aisle.  I like to keep sugar-free hard candies on hand to cure an unexpected sweet tooth.  (I especially love the Life Saver brand sugar-free options.)

Target did not offer a single sugar-free candy option.  Other than the mints by the front check-out, Target had no other sugar-free options.  Not even sugar-free chocolates…nothing.  Target has a pharmacy and has diabetic supplies.  Why would they not have other sugar-free options?  Even smaller pharmacy/drug stores like Walgreens or CVS carry sugar-free candies.

Next, last night at Target, I decided to look for a box of sugar-free popsicles or another sugar-free sweet treat.  To my dismay, Target also offered ZERO options for sugar-free frozen items.  Not even plain popsicles.

Utter disappointment!

~Chica Pants

Hey Dude!

18 Jul

The History of the word: “Dude”. Charting the evolution of a gender-hopping, meaning-changing word
Good Culture ^ | Mark Peters, Lexicographer, Language Columnist

Posted on Sunday, July 10, 2011 8:58:44 AM by SeekAndFind

People fear, loathe, and ignore change. The term “Brontosaurus” lost its official status to the correct “Apatosaurus” over a hundred years ago, but try telling that to a dino-loving kid. Those of us raised to believe Pluto is a planet will be sticking up for that demoted little rock till we’re buried. Recently, the Scrabble world went into a code-4 uproar when it seemed that the rules might be changed to allow proper names. (Don’t worry, folks, the change only applied to a new game called Scrabble Trickster.)

When it comes to the meaning of words themselves, change is even more upsetting. In a terrific article for the Boston Globe, Erin McKean looked at how “guys” is now frequently used to address groups of men and women. She writes: “Whether from a dearth of suitable alternatives or just from habit, ‘you guys,’ if not completely entrenched, is well on the way to being the standard casual way to address a group. Rather than fight that battle, we may want to save some indignation for the next awkward form of address to surface. I’m thinking it’s probably ‘dudes.’ (Seriously, dudes.)”

I know a segue when I see one. “Dude” is a magnificent specimen for discussing language change in general, because its meaning has shifted and shimmied a ton in a relatively short period of time.

Originally, back in the 1800s, “dude” referred to a dandy-ish sort of doofus. As the Oxford English Dictionary puts it, “dude” was “a name given in ridicule to a man affecting an exaggerated fastidiousness in dress, speech, and deportment, and very particular about what is æsthetically ‘good form’.” Later, in the American West, the term came to refer to “a non-westerner or city-dweller who tours or stays in the west of the U.S., esp. one who spends his holidays on a ranch,” and the tourist-attracting, money-making ranches they visited were “dude ranches.”

In the 20th century, “dude” evolved to take on a more neutral meaning. The term was adopted in the black community, then as now a prime spreader of new words and meanings. This 1967 OED example reflected the shift in meaning: “My set of Negro street types contained a revolving and sometimes disappearing (when the ‘heat’, or police pressure, was on) population… These were the local ‘dudes’, their term meaning not the fancy city slickers but simply ‘the boys’, ‘fellas’, the ‘cool people’.” In the sixties, the term attracted more coolness as it was embraced by surf culture, and by the seventies, a dude was just a guy.

The dude-slaught gained momentum through the 1980s and 1990s, as the Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles and dude-heavy movies such as Fast Times at Ridgemont High, Bill and Ted’s Excellent Adventure, Wayne’s World, and Clerks helped make “dude” a ubiquitous (and, yep, often annoying) word. “Dude” became a widely used exclamation as well. The interjection sense of “dude” has been spoofed many times in comics and commercials. Here John Swansburg looks at a brilliant Bud Light ad in which the only word uttered is “dude,” pointing out the various purposes of the d-word, including “The interrogative dude” and “The deflated dude.”

As for dudes and gender, there is a surprisingly long history of women being dudes—and not just in terms such as “dudette” and “dudine.” The OED records “dude” as meaning “a person (of either sex). Freq. as a familiar form of address” as far back as 1974. This 1981 use is typical: “We’re not talking about a lame chick and a gnarly guy. We’re talking about a couple of far-out dudes.” But even as far back as 1952, Robert E. Knoll wrote, “Nor do my students believe that a dude must be a man, for a city woman as well as her husband can be a dude.” And in University of Pittsburgh linguistics prof Scott Kiesling’s 2004 article “Dude”—the most recent example of dude scholarship—he found that while “dude” is used most often in male-male interactions, it is used in every possible gender combination, and more among women than in mixed-gender groups. Dude-spouting women share what Kiesling calls the “cool solidarity” that “dude” provides.

In a non-surprise, Kiesling found that men are least likely to use “dude” in “intimate relationships with women,” though they will use it often with close female friends. This confirms the long-held belief that “dude” is not anyone’s idea of an aphrodisiac. Well, unless you’re turned on by wordplay, such as the OED-recorded “dudedom,” “dudeness,” “dudery,” “dudism,” and “dudish”—all used in the late 1800s for foppish fellows—or contemporary spellings such as “dood,” “duuuude,” and “duuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuude.”

And then there are the variations of the stammering Jeff Bridges in The Big Lebowski, a sacred text for comtemporary dudes everywhere:

“I am not Mr. Lebowski. You’re Mr. Lebowski. I’m the Dude, so that’s what you call me, you know, uh, that or, uh, His Dudeness or Duder or, uh, El Duderino if you’re not into the whole brevity thing.“

Who could complain about the evolution of a word with innovations like that? Only those foolhardy or brave enough to risk the cool-free state Bridges’ co-star John Goodman described as “very un-dude.”


I love the word *Dude* so I thought I’d share this article I stumbled across today.  Sassycas and I always refer to each other as “Dude.”  Granted, we do get odd looks on occasion, but we don’t care.  Some habits just don’t need broken…and this is one we enjoy and will keep.

Have you used “dude” in at least 10 sentances today?  If not, keep trying and you too can achieve greatness.

~ Chica Pants, Her Dudeness