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Good customer service. FINALLY!!

11 Oct

With so many woes resulting from poor customer service in general from all areas of life, I am pleased to announce a positive experience today with a company called Cafe Press:   www.cafepress.com.  (I especially have THE WORST fast food luck in the entire world.  Sassycas can attest.)

Let me start by saying that I have ordered products from Cafe Press on a number of occasions and have historically been pleased with my purchases.  Today I received an order and there were some issues with the 2 t-shirts received.  I called and spoke with two different customer service reps and both were polite, kind, and helpful.  (Nowadays, that’s nearly extinct.)  After running a wash trial to see if it corrected the problem, alas, it did not.  Instead of making this an unpleasant experience, both ladies went out of their way to be helpful and apologetic.  Greatly appreciated!  I never had to get upset, or argue my case.  I simply explained exactly what I observed and they offered to replace the sub-par quality printing I received and replace both shirts with which I am unsatisfied.  Again, greatly appreciated.  Kudos to Cafe Press as well as to Crystal and Wanda.  I will definitely continue to shop with this company and will gladly recommend to others.

~ Chica Pants



21 May

I like to think that I am a well-rounded individual, both mentally and physically speaking. However, the latter has been known to pose its challenges.  Being a woman with curves and a little more to love here and there, finding trendy and fashion forward clothing is quite a challenge…or at least it used to be one.  I found myself in the likes of Kohl’s, Lane Bryant, Avenue, & Catherine’s.  Kohl’s used to be decent in their women’s sizes but over the past decade has turned very matronly.  Not a lot for a 20 something, 30 something, or even hip 40 something to wear.  Lane Bryant has some cute styles but either they try to be too ‘young’ or just don’t have the right fit.  They are very pricey and most times I don’t think the quality supports the price they ask.  Avenue can have some good finds, mostly in shirts, their pants never fit right.  Every pair of pants at Avenue give you a tight waist and bubble-butt.  And Catherine’s is only good if you are 300-400 pounds and over 50.  What is a mod fashionista to do?  Answer:  Torrid.  While some of the Torrid fashions lend themselves best to a teenage audience, they offer a beautiful selection of denim in various fits as well as trendy work wear and fun play wear.  The shoes and boots are  on-trend and priced right for fashion footwear.  The footwear is a bit on the cheaper side in terms of quality but it sure is nice to be able to find a knee or thigh high boot for a slightly more voluptuous leg shape.  The footwear will last a solid season, maybe two, but probably won’t be in great shape for many years to come.  I enjoy the Torrid experience.  I enjoy that their sized are 0 through 4.  (Which translates to size 12 through about a 26/28 I believe.)  If you have some flirty curves and want to show them off right and not always be stuck trying to ‘make due’ go to your local Torrid location.  If there is not one near you, go to www.torrid.com.   Happy shopping!

~Chica Pants