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Extra…Extra…Chew all about it.

17 Jul

I like gum.  But every time I discover a favorite, it is magically discontinued.  For example, I was totally addicted to Peppermint Sugarless Bubble Yum.  A few years after I graduated from college (in 1999) I quit smoking.  I referred to Peppermint Sugarless Bubble Yum as my “quit smoking gum.”  Thankfully they didn’t stop making it during that difficult phase.  Proudly, I have been cigarette free since January 3, 1999.  But, I do miss the gum.  Then, around 1999 when I moved far from home and turned into a gym rat, I found a new love:  Carefree Koolerz Mint Splash.  It was *almost* as good as the Bubble Yum.  I chewed the Koolerz religiously for years.  Then alas, about 6-7 years ago I guess it has been…that too disappeared.   Such a bummer!  I liked the soft, plumpness of both of these minty treats.  The flavor lasted a long time without getting rubbery.

I think I have since tried about every sugar-free gum on the market.  But alas, none compare.  I have settled on the Extra desert gums.  They are ok to treat a sweet tooth, but I find myself spitting them after 15 minutes; whereas, with the Bubble Yum & the Koolerz I’d chew them for hours on end.

Some of the new Extra flavors are a bit funky.  The Key Lime is pretty good.  I don’t really care for the mint chocolate.  The Apple Pie is too ‘spicy* for my liking…it’s very sweet.  And, most recently I tried the root beer, and I am not feeling that one at all.

If anyone has any suggestions for smooshy minty gum like the old Bubble Yum or Koolerz, please tell me.

~Chica Pants