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Rock On!

14 Jun

I ‘came of age’ during a time that was sooooo fun! Really since I hit junior high school my life became engulfed with the music I listen to. It became more than just a hobby, but rather an obsession. As a matter of fact, music blessed me with my most dear friends. After all, one didn’t hang out with people who didn’t like one’s music. For me, it was all about the rock n’ roll baby! I love classic rock, big-hair rock/metal, heavy metal, power metal, Goth rock, Industrial…you name it, and it’s affected my life. Metal heads are very misunderstood. Sassycas and I are proud metal heads and we were also honor students who went on to get college degrees and hold respectable full-time jobs. But, our musical tastes have stayed the same. We catch the occasional concert still but not as many as once upon a time. From the age of 15 when I saw my first concert and throughout my 20’s I spent countless hours at concert venues, bars, clubs, etc. I’ve seen some amazing shows, met some cool musicians, and had a blast in general. Heck, it was my love for Iced Earth that crossed my & my husbands’ paths. Music really has shaped my life and I wouldn’t have it any other way. Now don’t get me wrong, if you listen to country, rap, easy listening…I’ll still be your friend…but I sure won’t want to ride in your car as often… (My car…my stereo…) 😛

(And for the record, my friends and I hung out watching all the local bands nearly every day of the week for years, but we were NOT the type of groupies who tried to hook up with the guys…we truly were there for the music!)

\m/ – ^ – \m/

~ Chica Pants