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Big Bang!

29 Jun

For those of you who haven’t watched, The Big Bang Theory is a sitcom about three lovable nerds and one kinda lovable nerd who work together at a university. Two of them are roommates and live across the hall from the totally not nerdy Penny.

BBT cracks me up because I am, albeit to a much lesser extreme, Sheldon Cooper.

I’m a bit of a nerd (he’s full on).

I’m particular about certain things and sometimes have weird reasons for them. (See Sheldon’s explanation about where he sits)

I’ve been told that people enjoy how I react to gifts. (See Sheldon’s reaction to Penny’s Christmas gift)

Like Sheldon, I sometimes don’t get come-ons from the opposite sex.

I hold grudges against celebrities (Brad Pitt, Tom Cruise, etc.) Sheldon’s grudge is against Wil Wheaton.

Beyond my similarities to Sheldon, the show is wittily written and all of the characters make me laugh. And the “Soft Kitty” song is just the best.