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Graco Turbo High-back Booster

5 Oct

I am more educated on the subject of children’s car seats than your average consumer.  (I was even a NHTSA/AAA certified child restraint/car seat installation technician.)  I worked for more than a decade for 2 of the largest children’s furnishing companies in the USA.  So, when I recently realized my 3-year old had outgrown (by weight) his convertible car seat in my husband’s vehicle, (not an all-in-one, strictly a convertible) it was time for a quick run to Target.  I wanted to get a basic high-back belt positioning booster seat.  Graco is such a dependable brand and I felt safe choosing another Graco to keep my son safe in the event of a crash.  I purchased a lower price point seat, at Target, and am very happy with my purchase.  For $49 I purchased this Graco Turbo High-back Booster (fashion option = Keller.)  My little guy has been so cute since I installed his new seat.  He is so proud to be sitting in a “big boy seat” and keeps saying “Thank you Mommy for my new car seat.  I love it.” …just melts my heart.  And knowing he is safe and comfortable is beyond fabulous.  GRACO, way to keep batting them out of the park!  And thank you for keeping our Cherished Cargo #1 first and foremost.

~Chica Pants


Shop Target…unless you want sugar-free.

26 Jul


Target, I have always loved to shop your stores and I am typically very pleased with the selections provided. My extremely discouraging trip last night made me rethink my Target relationship altogether.

As someone who recently was diagnosed with Type-II Diabetes, I now have to shop much more carefully.  My local Target recently remodeled and added a grocery section.  I was psyched at the notion of being able to enjoy some Target shopping coupled with grabbing the handful of grocery items I normally would have stopped to purchase at Kroger, the local grocery chain.  Last night, I went down the candy and gum aisle.  I like to keep sugar-free hard candies on hand to cure an unexpected sweet tooth.  (I especially love the Life Saver brand sugar-free options.)

Target did not offer a single sugar-free candy option.  Other than the mints by the front check-out, Target had no other sugar-free options.  Not even sugar-free chocolates…nothing.  Target has a pharmacy and has diabetic supplies.  Why would they not have other sugar-free options?  Even smaller pharmacy/drug stores like Walgreens or CVS carry sugar-free candies.

Next, last night at Target, I decided to look for a box of sugar-free popsicles or another sugar-free sweet treat.  To my dismay, Target also offered ZERO options for sugar-free frozen items.  Not even plain popsicles.

Utter disappointment!

~Chica Pants