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Ohio Renaissance Festival

17 Sep


I love the Ohio Renaissance Festival.  There are so many reasons why I look forward to visiting every year.  This is indeed an annual tradition I plan to keep for years to come.  (I attended my first Ren Fest in 1998.)  When my husband and I were planning our nuptials, we purchased his entire outfit from the Ren Fest…from the clothing to his custom fitted hand-made leather boots.  (I made my own wedding dress but did so in Renaissance style.)

Opening weekend is always a chance for my bff (Sassycas) and I to have a day to be silly, shop, enjoy some scrumptious Woodchuck hard cider on tap, and relax in fantasy-land…Medieval Style Baby.  And speaking of shopping, I have found some of the most unique and beautiful hand-crafted jewelry there over the years.  My favorite shop as of late is “Knotty Jewels.”  The gentleman who creates these pieces is an absolute genious.


I enjoy Ren Fests in general but Ohio’s is by far my favorite thus far.  I went to the fest in York PA and it was ok, but I really like the old english town set-up best at the Harveysburg, Ohio festival.  I also attended the fest in Maryland, which was fun, but again, just didn’t have the same vibe.

It’s nothing to see lots of men in kilts, people in horns (Sassycas and I included), fairy tales, wings, full armour, swords, gorgeous period gowns, huge vikings (yes, that’s right…authentic looking larger than life vikings!) and so much more.

The food is also great at the fest.  There are lots of choices which expand every year.  But, you can’t go wrong with a big, juicy turkey leg. *Yum*

Don’t hesitate to take part in this fabulous day of festivities.  It runs during the early fall, every weekend, rain or shine, through latter October.  We typically make 2 trips to the fest each season.  I am really excited to be taking my 3 year-old son for his first visit in just a few weeks.  There are rides for kids (hand-operated of course) and camel rides, jousts, and so much more.

Fare thee well!

~Lady Chica Pants